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Agency ECCLESIA – Catholic Church Information Agency.

70x7 – Weekly reflection (on public television) on activities and topics related to the Catholic Church.

Caminhos – Weekly public television and information programme devoted to the activities of the various Churches represented in Portugal.

The Faith of Men – A public television space dedicated to the different religions recognized in Portugal.

Eucharistie du dimanche – Transmission of the public television of the Eucharist of the Catholic Church.

Eucharistie du dimanche – Transmission of the private television (TVI) of the Eucharist of the Catholic Church.

Rádio Renascença – Radio associated with the Catholic Church.

Net Rádio Católica – WebRadio with themes of Christian/Catholic inspiration.

Joy News – A program of the public radio of the Pentecostal Church of the Assembly of God.

Et Dieu a créé le monde – Members of Portugal’s three most influential religious communities, Jewish, Catholic and Muslim, address current issues and religion.

Rádio Positiva – Radio associated with the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

Rádio Canção Nova – Religious radio. Its programming is oriented according to the values of Catholicism.

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