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CEDIS - R&D Centre on Law and Society
CEDIS is a research and development centre in the Faculty of Law at NOVA University Lisbon. It is a research group on law, religion, and society.

CEHR - Centre for Religious History Studies
The CEHR is a research unit of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP). It began its activities in 1988, continuing the work of the Centre for Ecclesiastical History Studies, founded in 1956. This centre has been recognised and evaluated by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology since 2002. It publishes the scientific journal Lusitania Sacra.

CICMER - Research Centre for Worldviews and Spiritual and Religious Beliefs, associated with the Universidade Lusófona, Faculdade de ciências sociais, educação e administração.

CITER - Research Centre for Theology and Religious Studies
Created in 2017, CITER aims to organise, promote, and disseminate research in theology and religious studies from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, thereby encouraging active exchanges between these scientific fields. CITER is a research centre associated with the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP).

CRIA - Anthropology Research Centre
CRIA is an inter-institutional research centre bringing together the NOVA University Lisbon Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Coimbra Faculty of Science and Technology, and the ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon and the University of Minho. The CRIA publishes the journal Etnográfica, which is the leading Portuguese anthropology journal. It also includes a centre for the anthropology of religion.

ICS-UL - University of Lisbon Institute of Social Sciences
The ICS has many researchers working on religious subjects from a sociological, legal, and anthropological perspective. It publishes the journal Análise sociale, which is one of Portugal’s leading social science journals.

IGC- Ius Gentium Conimbrigae
IGC is the leading university centre for education and research in the field of human rights in Portugal. IGC is an autonomous human rights research and teaching institute associated with the University of Coimbra.

IHC - Institute of Contemporary History
The IHC is an institute of the Faculty of Social Sciences of NOVA University Lisbon. It is home to the ’Justice, Regulation and Society’ research group. This research group develops work on religion through law and history.

Observatory of Religion in the Public Sphere, CES-UC - University of Coimbra Centre for Social Studies and Fernando Pessoa University.

The ReliMM research network "Religion and multiple modernities" is a network of researchers including research units that are part of CITER - Research Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, and the CEHR - Catholic University of Portugal Centre for the Study of Religious History, the University of Porto Institute of Sociology, the CES-UC – the University of Coimbra Centre for Social Studies, CRIA-NAR - Anthropology Research Centre – the NOVA University Lisbon Centre for the Anthropology of Religion, CEC-FLUL – the University of Lisbon Centre for Classical Studies. ReliMM organises an annual colloquium on ’religion in multiple modernities’.

Science of Religions Section of the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies
This section organises the Lusophone Congress on the Science of Religions. It publishes the scientific journal Ciência das Religiões (Lusophone journal of the Science of Religions).

Sociology of Religions Section of the APS - Portuguese Sociology Association. The Sociology of Religions Section of the Portuguese Sociology Association was created in 2018 by the APS.

For more information on religious research in Portugal:
COUTINHO, José Pereira, “Sociology and anthropology of religion in Portugal: agents and productions”, REVER - Revista de Estudos da Religião [REVER – Journal for the Study of Religion], vol. 18, nº 1, pp. 271-299.

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