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Religions and health

The main health institutions

The main health institutions (hospitals and clinics) in the Republic of Cyprus are either public (i.e. state-run) or private. The Church does not own or run any of these. Public hospitals and medical institutions are funded by the State, and have never been under the control of the Church. There are no religious workers (such as nuns or monks) or permanent chaplaincies in the hospitals or other medical institutions; such practices are typically not associated with Orthodox Christianity as such but rather with Catholicism or Protestantism.

Medical care does not discriminate between those belonging to the Orthodox Church and members of other religions or branches of Christianity.

The Church’s high clergy occasionally speak on issues of public heath, especially on matters of abortion, contraception, or euthanasia. However, there is no effective public debate on these issues, as these do not occupy a central place in the media or public exchanges. The State’s position on these matters being largely aligned with that of the Church, and the Church’s high clergy do not have a cause to fuel a public debate.

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