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Un accord entre les communautés orthodoxes

  • December 2020
    Metropolitan Emmanuel of France (of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in France, and president of the Assemblée des évêques orthodoxes de France - Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of France) and Jean de Doubna (head of the archbishopric of Western European parishes of Russian tradition of the Moscow Patriarchate) signed, on Friday 4 December, a memorandum of understanding to pacify the relations of the French Orthodox communities.
    For the past two years, a conflict has been aggravating relations between the patriarchates of Constantinople and Moscow. In November 2018, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople had revoked the patriarchal charter (Tomos) dating from 1999, which canonically linked the Archbishopric of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe (ecclesial structure of the Diocesan Directing Union of Russian Orthodox Associations in Western Europe) to the Church of Constantinople. The parishes members of this Directing Union, born of the emigration of White Russians to France in the 1920s, found themselves, as a result of this revocation, directly linked to the metropolises of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and without an autonomous structure. This led to disagreements, with about a third of these parishes remaining attached to Constantinople, the other two thirds being attached to Moscow.

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