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Plusieurs petites minorités

The Roman Catholic constituency consists of natives as well as large numbers of immigrants (mostly Asians) who work in Cyprus. Protestants include both natives as well as other Europeans (mostly British) permanently settled on the island. The Muslims include a small Roma population as well as Turkish Cypriots who have made their home in the Republic of Cyprus instead of the island’s northern part (e.g. the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – see Two religiously homogeneous regions). In addition to the Roman Catholics, the Armenian & Maronite groups are historical religious groups in the Republic of Cyprus. (See “Religious Minorities”). The Armenian Church also involves membership both to an ethnic and a religious group. Still, Armenians in the Republic of Cyprus have been largely integrated into the public sphere, just like the Maronite community. All non-Orthodox faiths generally have very low public visibility, their rituals and ceremonies rarely receiving publicity.

For more information, see the Religious minorities heading.

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