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Religious opinions, beliefs and attitudes

Belonging, not believing

The proportionally big number of members of the Church of Sweden – and the very small number of organised atheists – raises the question if all these members actually are believers. The answer is that quite a lot of them probably cannot be regarded as believers. According to investigations only about 10 per cent of the Swedish population say that they believe in a personal God.

Source: Bäckström (ed.), Livsåskådning och kyrkobyggnad: en studie av attityder i Göteborg och Malmö. Svenska kyrkans forskningsråd "Tro & tanke" 1997:4 (Uppsala 1997). [Philosophie of Life and the Church Buildings: a Study of Attitudes in Gothenburg and Malmö. Church of Sweden Research Council "Tro & Tanke" 1997:4]

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