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Pilgrimages, Processions and Devotions

According to the study carried out by the Sociological Research Centre (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas) in January 2002 on the religious beliefs and attitudes of Spaniards, the majority of Spaniards define themselves as non-practicing Catholics, since only 19.5% of the 79.1% that declared themselves Catholic said they went to church on a weekly basis, while 61.1% affirm that they do not participate in the activities and organisations of the community.
With regards to the indicators of popular religiosity, (pilgrimages, processions, devotions), the CIS’s figures reveal a weak participation index, since 56.1% of those questioned say they never take part in pilgrimages, 26.1% do so occasionally and 17.1% take part regularly. As for processions, 42% of the population says it never participates, 31.8% participates occasionally and 25.9% participates regularly. Moreover, 61.9% of people questioned said they have no devotion while 37.2% said they had a very strong form of devotion, 54.4% to the Virgin, 20.1% to a saint and 19.3% to Christ.

Source : CIS, Actitudes y creencias religiosas en la sociedad española, estudio n° 2443, enero 2002.

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