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Statistics and main surveys 2023

 The French view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its consequences for France
IFOP and CRIF, December 2023

 The French and Christmas Nativity scenes
IFOP and La Vie, November 2023

 Young French people’s relationship with secularism in a globalised world
Kantar public, November 2023

 The ideal society of Tomorrow According to the French
Ipsos-Sopra steria, November 2023

 French people’s relationship with death and funerals through their beliefs
IFOP / Death plate, October 2023

 The French view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its consequences for France
Ifop for the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, October 2023

 The French position on banning the wearing of the abaya and qamis in schools
IFOP / Charlie Hebdo, September 2023
Report published also in LDDV

 French people and pornography at a time when conditions of access to X-rated sites are being restricted
IFOP /, September 2023

 Poll of practising Catholics and Protestants on the climate
IFOP for Parlons climat and Arocha France, September 2023

 How the French view the wearing of traditional clothing in schools
IFOP for Fiducial and Sud-Radio, June 2023

 Public school teachers and secularism->]
IFOP / CNAL, June 2023

 How the French view secularism (laïcité) - opinion poll #227
IFOP for Fiducial and Sud-Radio, May 2023

 One French person in 5 has heard of reikiology
IPSOS for Fédération française de Reiki traditionnel, June 2023

 Beliefs in France and in the world
Ipsos Global Advisor survey, June 2023

 The relationship of the French to religion - opinion poll #219
IFOP for Fiducial and Sud Radio, April 2023

 Racist, xenophobic and anti-religious offences in 2022
Interstats Analyse N°57 for Ministry of the Interior, March 2023

 Religious diversity in France : intergenerational transmission and practices according to origins>
INSEE, March 2023

 The French view of obscurantism->]
IFOP / Association du corps préfectoral, February 2023

 Survey on the misinformation of young people and their relationship to science and the paranormal in the age of social networks
IFOP for the Reboot Foundation and the Jean Jaurès Foundation, January 2023

 Survey on the professional involvement of the French and their perception of the value of work->]
IFOP / Les makers, January 2023

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