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Religious landscape

Despite a steep decline in membership, the majority of the Austrian population are Roman Catholics. There are increasing Muslim and Christian-Orthodox minorities in Austria, as well as a well-established small Protestant minority (Lutheran and Reformed). The group of religiously unaffiliated persons has been growing steadily for years.

According to the last census in 2001, 73,7% of the Austrian population identified as Roman Catholic. Lutheran and Reformed Protestants (4,7%), Muslims (4,2%), and members of different Christian-Orthodox churches (2,2%) constituted the largest religious minorities in 2001. 12% of the Austrian population declared themselves to be religiously unaffiliated, whereas 2% did not declare their religious affiliation.

According to numbers from Statistics Austria based, the religious landscape in 2021 is composed as follows: 55,2% Catholic, 8,3% Islamic, 4,9% Christian Orthodox, 3,8% Protestant, 5,5% affiliated with other religious traditions (e.g. Buddhism, Judaism, other Christian Churches, etc.) and 22,4% not affiliated.

In 2021, Statistics Austria (Federal Agency) has conducted in 2021 a voluntary survey on “Religious affiliation of the population in private households” on behalf of the Federal Chancellery. The results are available online.

Sources and further information: Statistic Austria 2022.

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