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Rapport sur les actes haineux à caractère xénophobe

  • The report of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ)

In August 2019, the CDPDJ produced a report entitled Xenophobic and Notably Islamophobic Acts of Hate, which aims to draw a portrait of the situation in Quebec with respect to hateful acts. According to the report, among the 86 victims of hateful acts interviewed for the study, each respondent experienced an average of three hateful acts, 35% of victims had to change their lifestyle habits and 78% of the acts suffered were not reported to a competent authority (p.10). Several effects of the acts suffered were identified : fear and anxiety, loss of confidence, isolation, depression, humiliation, feelings of exclusion and the desire to leave Quebec. In addition, the report makes several recommendations (pp.27-30) to address the reasons for not reporting an act, including lack of knowledge of the laws and recourses, poor perception of police officers, discouragement, migration status and lack of confidence in the system.

See also the article "Interreligious relations - Hate Crimes in Quebec".

D 2 juin 2020    ABertrand Lavoie

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