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L’organisation de l’Église de Suède

The country-wide church organisation originated in the Middle Ages and is geographically divided into 2 219 parishes, 1 025 pastorates (A pastorate is the area served by the vicar and can consist of one or more parishes. In addition to the territorial parishes there are non-territorial parishes which constitutes pastorates.), 152 deaneries (The diocese is divided into deaneries, consisting of several pastorates and forming the area served by a rural dean) and 13 dioceses (Church of Sweden Calendar 2003). The task of the diocese is to advise and support the parishes, and to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the Church ordinance. It is also responsible for organising the further education of diocesan employees. It is also the diocese which administers the land, forests and funds of the Church of Sweden. Certain questions, which are common to the Church of Sweden as a whole, are dealt with at a national level. Examples are church educational courses, ecumenical relations, the co-ordination of international work, information work, research and cultural issues. Moreover, the national level functions as the voice of the church in public debate, both in Sweden and abroad.

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