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Medical staff is confronted with the impact of the increasing religious diversity of Italy on the individual’s experiences of illness, hospitalization and convalescence.
Label – Perspectives for an inter-religious health care*, is a multi-focused project promoted by the Benvenuti in Italia Foundation and related to particular areas of healthcare regarding social, cultural and religious pluralism. It consists in a compared research considering various Italian hospital experiences, with particularly reference to AO - Le Molinette (Turin) and AO San Camillo Forlanini (Rome). It aims to encourage practitioners to interpret how religious and cultural values may be fundamental in a hospital stay, concerning personal needs in matter of medical care, interaction with staff, and decisions about treatment.
An agreement concerning research on these issues was signed by the University of Turin, the University of Rome, Le Molinette and San Camillo Forlanini hospitals, and Fabretti Foundation (Turin) in order to enhance the Italian Health Care System performances. This research prepared the ground for various good practices, all over Italy. One of these is represented by the Room of Silence, a place set in the hospitals, where it is possible for non Catholics to pray.

* E. Messina, M. Giorda, V. Savelli, G. Nardini, Label – modelli e prospettive per un servizio sanitario interculturale, October 2014.

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