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L’Église de Suède

The Church of Sweden (Swedish : Svenska kyrkan) is by far the largest faith community in Sweden. Despite a significant yearly loss of members (about 1% annually), it still has 64,6% or 6 292 264 baptized members (2014) and is thereby the largest Lutheran church in the world (although, added together, the member churches of the Evangelical Church in Germany are 10 million Lutherans). Until 2000, the Church of Sweden held the position of state church. Statistics from 2014 show that 46% of all children born in Sweden were baptized in the Church of Sweden, 29% of all 15-year olds participated in the Church’s confirmation education program, 33% of all marriages took place in the Church of Sweden and 76% of all dead were buried within the Church of Sweden setting (Church of Sweden statistics, 2014).
The Church of Sweden is organized by The Church of Sweden Act in the following manner (SFS 1998:1591) : it is an Evangelical Lutheran Faith Community manifested in parishes and dioceses and a national administration. It is democratically organized so that each church member has a vote in the election of local, as well as national, decision bodies. Its local organization covers geographically the whole Swedish territory.

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