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Religiosity and the Italian youth

A survey on religiosity among young Italians was commissioned by the Centro orientamento pastorale and carried out by Instituto IARD.
Conducted in 2004 among 3000 young people aged between 15 to 34 years, the survey revealed that almost 70% of the say that they are Catholic. 75% of this figure are aged 15-17 years, 72% are 30-34 years, with the lowest percentage being among 18-20 year olds (62%).
The highest percentage of Catholics was found in the South of Italy (80%) and the lowest percentage in the regions at the centre (59%).
On the subject of religious practices, 15% of the sample say that they attended Church every week over the previous six months. Furthermore, one out of five young persons prays everyday while one out of four admits to never praying.

See Riccardo Grassi, Giovani, religione e vita quotidiana. Un’indagine dell’Istituto Iard per il Centro di Orientamento Pastorale, Il Mulino, 2006.

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