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  • 20 September 2006: A report on adaptation of right to worship

The Commission of legal reflection on the relationship between religion and the state presided by Professor Jean-Pierre Machelon has submitted its report to the Ministry of Interior on 20 September 2006.
The Commission recommends that the French law on religion be updated in order to adapt it to the new religious phenomenon, in particular, to Islam and evangelical Christianity which are recently gaining ground. A number of propositions were made, in particular:

 facilitate for the construction of new places of worship by giving towns and authorities necessary aid for such work.
 Adjust the status of cultural association by expanding its social objective in order to carry out activities which are mainly and not exclusively cultural.
 Better respond to the expectation of providing prayer places at the cemeteries, giving priority, for example, to the creation of private cemeteries.
 In Alsace-Moselle, a concordat has to be established with new religions in particular with Islam. The setting up of an educational system for Muslim religious personnel could be the first step towards this "recognition".

For more information: The report of the Commission on legal reflection on the relationship of religions and the state.

  • 24 April 2006: French Churches speak against the immigration bill

About 50 Christian organisations issued on Monday 24 April, their opinion on the draft bill proposing changes to the law on the entry and stay of foreigners in France.
These organisations condemned measures which would seem to make it harder for foreigners to be issued residence permits and well as be reunited with family or granted the right of asylum.

For additional information, see : Campagne "Ne transigeons pas avec le droit de l’étranger" (in French).

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