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Religions and schooling

Religions and schooling

According to the Croatian Constitution all religious communities have the right to open schools and other academic institutions. The schools governed by religious communities have the same right and position as public schools, and must comply with public laws in the field of education. They can be, and usually are, funded by public authorities, but the funding is partial, as opposed to the full funding provided to public schools.

Schools in Croatia are mainly public. In the academic year 2014/2015, only 3.4% of kindergartens were owned by religious communities, with 2.4% of all children attending kindergartens. Among primary schools, only 0.24% belonged to religious communities, attended by 0.22% of all pupils. The share of secondary schools owned by religious communities is 2.4% with 2% of all secondary school students. A majority of religious kindergartens and schools belong to the Catholic Church which is the dominant religion in Croatia.

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