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Significant links

Key links

- Apostolic Exarchate of the Bulgarian Catholics of Greek Rite (in Bulgarian)
- Bulgarian Orthodox Church – Bulgarian Patriarchate (in Bulgarian)
- Catholic Church in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
- Chief Mufti’s Office (Muftiate) (in Bulgarian)
- Church Magazine (newspaper of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church) (in Bulgarian)
- Directorate of Religious Denominations at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
- European Court of Human Rights’ Judgments on Bulgaria (in Bulgarian) and its Press country profile for Bulgaria (in English).
- Evangelical Newspaper (online journal of the evangelical church in Bulgaria) (in Bulgarian)
- Higher Institute for Islamic Studies (in Bulgarian)
- National Council of the Religious Communities in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
- Shalom Organization of Jews in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
- United Evangelical Churches in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)

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