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Research and higher education


There are no academic centers focusing on the study of religion. The Kykkos Monastery Research Centre is a research institution sponsored by Kykkos Monastery. The Centre has its own library and is engaged in a variety of academic and professional activities, including the hosting and organization of conferences as well as the publication of material related to the history of the Orthodox Church on the island.

With regard to religious education beyond the post-secondary level, the Church of Cyprus has its own seminary “Apostolos Varnavas” (see on line). The Church’s hierarchy is heavily involved in the management of the seminary.

With regard to non-religious institutions, there is no undergraduate program of study or department of Theology and/or Religious Studies in any of the public or private universities operating on the island. However, a recent effort to institute some form of theological training at the graduate level has been undertaken by newfound Neapolis University of Paphos, which has instituted an MA program in Theological Studies (see on line). The program is taught in Greek and is mainly open to students graduated in theology. The staff mainly originates from various Greek universities.

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