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Significant links

Some important websites

Governemental website

The offical website of the Direction of Religious Affairs. This public administration is directly attached to the Prime Minister. All the ministers of the cult are attached to this administration; the website provides the subjects for the weekly preach to deliver on Fridays in all the mosques of the country (website in Turkish, English version).

Education and research

Centre of Islamic Research
The Centre of Islamic Research is an organisation issued by the Diyanet foundation. It deals with history and sociology of religions in Turkey. It is located in Istanbul (website in Turkish).

Website of the TESEV, foundation of Social and Economical studies. The TESEV is mostly famous through its studies and surveys on religious questions, and on the question of secularism (website in Turkish, English version).

Religious groups

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
The official website of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, located in the historical quarter of Phanar in Istanbul. The Turkish authorities deny its œcumenical character. The Patriarchate edits a journal, Ortodoxia, dealing with spiritaul and secular issues (website in Turkish, Greek and English version).

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