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Country information

General overview

  • Population: 10,197,119 persons (1 February 2001)
  • Capital: Budapest
  • Largest cities (31 January 2001): Budapest (1,775,203 residents), Debrecen (211,038 residents), Miskolc (184,129 residents), Szeged (168,276 residents), Pécs (162,502 residents) and Gyõr (129,415 residents)
  • Official language: Hungarian
  • Administration structure: 19 counties and the capital city.
  • Geographic regions: Alföld (Great Plain), Kisalföld (Small Plain), Nyugat-Magyarországi peremvidék or Alpokalja (Western Hungary or Lower Alps), Dunántúli-dombság (Transdanubia hills), Dunántúli-középhegység (Transdanubia mountain range) and Északi-középhegység (Northern mountain range).
  • Main national and ethnic groups: Hungarian, Croatian, German, Roma, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovene.
  • Main religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant (Calvinist and Lutheran), Greek Catholic, Jewish and Orthodox.
  • National and ethnic minorities: Roma (ca. 5%), German (ca. 2%), Slovak, Croat, Romanian, Serb (under 1%).

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