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Country information

General overview

  • Population: 10,482,487 (2021 census, Hellenic Statistical Authority)
    Males: 5,125,977 - Females: 5,356,510
    0-19 years: 1,946,707
    20-59 years: 5,449,065
    60 years or older: 3,086,715
  • Area: 131,957km² and 200 inhabited islands.
  • Capital: Athens. The port city of Thessaloniki in the northern Greece is the second largest city in Greece.
  • Official language: Greek; minority (non-official) language: Turkish.

Religious affiliation: National census does not collect official data on religious affiliation on the basis of personal data protection. According to the latest opinion poll (October 2023), 23.8% argued that religion plays an important role in their life, 52.8% argued that they believe in God but religion doesn’t play a great role in their life and 19.4% argued that they are atheists.

D 12 December 2023    AAlexandros Sakellariou

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