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Religious practice

Results from the 2008 wave of the European Values Study in Cyprus

According to the results of the 2008 wave of the European Values Study, the overwhelming majority of people consider the religious rituals for baptism, marriage and death to be quite important. These religious rituals are routinely conducted for the majority of the people. Civil weddings have increased since 2000 but the majority’s preference continues to be the religious ritual.

Church attendance

Based on the data from the 2008 European Value Survey, the attendance of religious services seems to be widespread among Cypriots; almost 60% said that they attend religious services at least once a month whereas almost 30% said that they attend religious services once a week or more often.

How often attend religious services (Q25)

FrequencyValid percentCumulative percent
Valid more than once week 63 6.3% 6.3
once a week 253 25.4 31.7
once a month 239 23.9 55.6
only on specific holy days 334 33.5 89.1
once a year 36 3.6 92.7
less often 21 2.1 94.8
never, practically never 52 5.2 100
total 99,8 99,8 100
Missing na 1 ,1
dk 1 ,1
Total 2 ,2
Total 1000 1000

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