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Statistiques et principaux sondages 2016

- Denominational electorate for the primary elections of the right : clear-cut choices
IFOP Focus 145 (December 2016)

- Perils of perception
IPSOS-Mori (December 2016)

- The vote for the second round of the primary elections of sympathisers of the right according to their proximity with the "manif pour tous"
IFOP for Atlantico (November 2016)

- The vote of Catholic sympathisers for the primary elections of the right and the centre
IFOP for Atlantico (November 2016)

- The vote of the Catholics for the primary elections of the right and the centre
IFOP for Le Pèlerin (November 2016)

- The French and the election of Donald Trump
IFOP pour Ouest France dimanche (November 2016)

- The French and welcoming migrants
IFOP pour Atlantico (November 2016)

- The French, the Algerian war, and the question of repentance for the abuses of the French Army
IFOP for TSA (October 2016)

- The French : a look at their identities and values, expectations and projections into the future
IFOP for Paris Match and Sud Radio (October 2016)

- Survey on the importance given to Islam in the public debate and in the presidential campaign
IFOP for Vivre ensemble (October 2016)

- 16-25 years old today : what kind of generation ?
IFOP for Elle (October 2016)

- Religion at the workplace
BVA (October 2016)

- The France of solutions (on volunteering in associations)
IFOP for Ouest-France dimanche (October 2016)

- Survey on Muslims
IFOP for Institut Montaigne (September 2016)

- The French and abortion
IFOP for Alliance Vita (September 2016)

- Religion at the workplace
Randstad Institute and OFRE (September 2016)

- The French, gay parenting and the issue of gay rights in the presidential campaign
IFOP for ADFH (September 2016)

- Sociological survey of young members of the Front National (national front)
IFOP for Fondation Jean Jaurès (September 2016)

- The relationship of Catholics to Islam in France
IFOP focus # 140 (August 2016)

- Young French and religion
Opinionway for La Croix (July 2016)

- Young Catholics in 2016
La Vie (juillet 2016)

- The French and the risk of community tension
IFOP for Atlantico (July 2016)

- The Grail, myth or reality ?
IFOP for JC Lattes publishers (May 2016)

- The French and welcoming Eastern Christians
IFOP for Atlantico (May 2016)

- The French, the Catholics and welcoming migrants
IFOP for La Vie (May 2016)

- French fractures 2016 Wave 4
Ipsos/Sopra Steria for Le Monde, Fondation Jean Jaurès and Sciences Po (April 2016)

- Islam in France and Germany
IFOP for Le Figaro (April 2016)

- The relation of Catholics to the Church
IFOP for Atlantico (April 2016)

- What does it mean today to be a rightist ?
Harris interactive for Valeurs actuelles (March 2016)

- World barometer of the popularity of Pope Francis
BVA for La Croix (March 2016)

- Teenagers, law, family and school (website of the survey ; summary)
UPYC - IPSOS survey (February 2016)

- Teaching laïcité and religions at school
Opinionway for Vers Le Haut – Bayard Education (January 2016)

- The French and happiness
CSA pour RCF (janvier 2016)

- A window on antisemitic prejudices 10 years after the death of Ilan Halimi
IFOP for the Union des Etudiants Juifs de France and SOS Racisme (February 2016)

- Perceptions and expectations of the Jewish population. Relationship to others and to minorities
IPSOS for La Fondation du judaïsme français (January 2016)

- Survey among the Jews of France
IFOP for the Fondation Jean Jaurès (January 2016)

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