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Taking diversity into account

Faced with the religious and ethnic diversification of the Greek society since the 90s there have been initiatives that show an awareness of the diversity in ethnic backgrounds and religions among students and teachers.
Thus, the initiatives of the 1996 law of the Ministry of Education on intercultural education (diapolitismiki ekpaidefsi) introduced a greater awareness of cultural and ethnic diversity. There are several debates regarding the content of religion courses and attempts to progressively introduce elements designed to heighten students’ awareness to ethnic, cultural and religious differences within the context of an approach to teaching that is more historical and less denominational. This evolution is already underway within the context of a new set of themes that, as of the 2005-2006 school year, will aim at raising awareness and encouraging reflection on inter-denominational dialogue and the presence of religious minorities in Greece. It is a question of raising students’ awareness to ethnic, cultural and religious differences (Diathematiko Eniaio Plaisio Programmatos Spoudon/DEPPS).
Several Greek courses and preparatory schools geared at foreign students and omogeneis Greeks (foreign Greeks, from the former Soviet Union for example) and repatriated Greeks who do not have a very good grasp of the Greek language have been created.

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