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Informations générales sur le pays

Europe can be characterized by its geographical dimension as a continent of 50 countries covering an area of over 22 million km2 which Eastern limits remain imprecise. It has 744 million inhabitants in 2022 (Source : INED 2022, Tous les pays du monde).

Europe can also be seen in institutional and political terms through the two main European organizations :
- The Council of Europe is the oldest intergovernmental organization in Europe. Dedicated to the defense of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, it has 47 member countries representing almost 820 million Europeans.
- 28 of these members are also members of the European Union, an economic and political association which covers over 4 million km2 and has 507 million inhabitants. The European Union has 24 official languages and 3 alphabets.

According to the 2008 European Values Study, Catholicism is the religion most represented in the enlarged Europe, followed by Orthodoxy, Islam and Protestantism. However, levels of religiosity vary greatly depending on countries, confessions and generations.

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