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Appartenances religieuses selon le recensement de 2011

29 % of the population older than 15-years of age are religiously affiliated (28,3 % Christianity, 0,7 % other religions).

55% of the religiously affiliated population in Estonia are ethnic minorities.

16,4 % of the population consider themselves as members of some religious association.

Source : data from the sociological survey "Elust, usust, usuelust 2010" (On Life, Faith, Religious Life 2010) conducted by social and market research company Saar Poll, from 25 March to 11 April 2010. Published in E. Jõks (ed.) Astu alla rahva sekka. Tallinn : Estonian Council of Churches, 2012.

An analysis of religious belief and national belonging in Central and Eastern Europe (May 2017) is available on the Pew Research Center website (full report available as a pdf document).

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