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Young People and Religion

According to an opinion poll carried out by the Spanish Ministry of Labour, 63.2% of young Spaniards say they are Catholic (practicing or not), against 81% of the total population.
The proportion of Spaniards aged 15 to 29 who say they are practicing Catholics has decreased by half between 2000 and the end of 2003, dropping from 28% to 14.2%. In 1967, during General Franco’s dictatorship, 77% of young Spaniards said they were practicing Catholics. Over the decade that followed, marked by the transition and return to democracy, religious practice dropped drastically to under 25% in 1987.
The study shows that 83% of young Spaniards used some method of contraception during their first sexual experience in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (92.5%) or to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (36.7%). Condoms, which the Spanish church recognised for the first time on Tuesday for their preventive role against AIDS, are used regularly by 79.4% of those polled.

Opinion poll carried out by the Spanish Ministry of Labour on 5, 214 people at the end of 2003.

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