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Autres Églises chrétiennes

The Catholic Church in Denmark is the second largest Christian denomination in Denmark. Although Denmark was a Catholic country up until the reformation in 1536, the contemporary denomination has no bonds with the pre-reformatory Church, as Catholics were persecuted and sent out of the country after Denmark turned Lutheran. When freedom of religion was granted to the citizens, in the 1849 constitution, only two congregations existed, mainly composed of foreigners. Even today, the Catholic parishes have a sizeable amount of immigrants, emphasized by the dominance of foreign clergy in the church. Membership of the Catholic Church is increasing, due to immigration, especially from Vietnam.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are currently the third largest denomination in Denmark. They came to Denmark at the end of the 19th century and since 1904 the journals of the movement have been published in Danish. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses in Denmark are ethnic Danes. Although the community has been, and to some degree still is, regarded as controversial, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been officially recognised by the Danish state in 1970 and since 1998 the right not to accept blood-transfusions has been amended to the Danish legislation. Jehovah’s Witnesses in Denmark are decreasing, although there has been a rise in new converts through mission among the immigrant population, especially Tamils.

A wide variety of smaller Christian communities, among which the Baptists, Pentecostal Churches, Apostolic Churches and lately African Churches are gathered in the Frikirkenet (Network of Free Churches), which coordinates the Evangelical-charismatic communities in Denmark.

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