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Articles de loi concernant la religion à l’école

IV Religious teaching and religious schools

Article 51
Religious teaching may take place in religious buildings or in other buildings appropriate for that purpose.
In order for juveniles to participate in religious teaching, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the parent or guardian, as well as the consent of the juvenile if he is at least 12 years old.
Religious teaching to students may only take place during the period when students do not have classes at school.

Article 52
Parents shall have the right to engage in the religious teaching of their own child in line with their own religion or beliefs, while respecting the physical and psychological integrity of the child.

Article 53
Schools and educational institutions shall observe the rights of pupils and students to religious holidays, in line with the law.

Article 54
Religious community may establish religious schools at all levels of education, except for primary school, which is compulsory according to the law, as well as dormitories to accommodate persons studying in those institutions.
Religious community shall independently define the curriculum of the religious school, contents of the textbooks and manuals, and define the requirements for the teaching staff.
The curricula, as well as the contents of the textbooks and manuals in religious schools, shall not be contrary to the Constitution and the law.

Article 55
Harmonization of the curricula and contents of the textbooks and manuals of the religious schools with the Constitution and the law shall be exercised by the public administration authority responsible for education.
A responsible person in the religious school shall put at the disposal of the responsible authority referred to in Paragraph 1 of this Article all the necessary data for the purpose of supervision, and correct the noted irregularities within the deadline stipulated by that authority.

Article 56
Religious schools established in line with this Law may implement publicly applicable curricula, if it obtained the license in line with the regulations in the area of education.
Religious schools that are licensed or accredited as educational institution shall have the right to be financed from the state budget, in proportion to the number of students, in line with the law.

Article 57
Teaching in the religious school may be provided by a person who holds a work permit in line with the law, as well as the accreditation or approval from the religious community that establishes the religious school.

Source : The Law on Freedom of Religion or Beliefs and Legal Status of Religious Communities of Montenegro.

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