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Financement des religions

The latest census (2021), see "Religious demography of Bulgaria", now integrates all Christian denominations into a single community – Christianity.
This new census methodology enters into conflict with the Religious Denominations Act, whose amendments of 2018 introduced new rules for the estimation of the state subsidy for religious organizations. According to Article 28 para. 2 & 3, any religious denomination whose membership exceeded 1% of the total population of the country at the last census, receives a state subsidy. Its amount is 10 Bulgarian levs (about 5 euros) per member, but may not be less than 15,000 levs (about 7,500 euros). On these grounds, the state started distributing such subsidies to the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Chief Muftiship in charge of the major local Muslim community, the Sunni one.
Meanwhile, the announced data from the 2023 Census reveals that the group of Protestants has exceeded one percent of the Bulgarian population. Yet, as they belong to various religious structures, registered as different legal entities, there is no clarity on how and when they will receive the corresponding state subsidy.

D 22 mai 2023    ADaniela Kalkandjieva

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