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Pétition en faveur de l’Église orthodoxe monténégrine

  • September 2022

The Orthodox controversy in Montenegro continues : the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (MOC), self-proclaimed autocephalous Church founded in 1993, claims its continuity with the Montenegrin Church from the Kingdom of Montenegro. It has launched a petition “by which the citizens of Montenegro and the faithful of the MOC ask the state authorities to enable the Montenegrin Orthodox Church in the state of Montenegro to bear its cross as the successor of the church, which in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Montenegro from 1905, Article 40, is named and has its status defined by the sentence ’The Montenegrin Church is autocephalous’”. It asks the “illegally registered Montenegrin churches, monasteries, cultural assets and church land in the ownership of the Serbian Church, i.e. Serbia, to be re-registered in the ownership of the State of Montenegro.”

The MOC stated that “King Aleksandar Karađorđević unconstitutionally abolished the Montenegrin Church by decree on June 17, 1920, and Montenegro has not used the right to restore the status of domicile church to the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.”

The head of the MOC, who bears the title of Bishop and Metropolitan of Montenegro, Michael, appealed :
“Our homeland Montenegro is under attack from outside and inside. It is denied the right to be a state, Montenegrins are prevented to have a national identity, and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church is crucified. The authorities support foreign interests with laws that defy morality and justice. They legalized Montenegro as a colony whose legal acts are written in other countries, and its policy aligns with the interests of some neighbouring countries. The state attacks by force against all those who stand steadfastly on the defence of the homeland and protect its freedom. At the recent peaceful civil protests in Cetinje and Nikšić, it attacked the participants in such a way that it put their lives in question. The backbone of such a policy is the Serbian Church, to which all our churches, monasteries built by our ancestors, and movable and immovable church property were illegally registered as property. The church uses them to incite hatred against Montenegrins, minority peoples, members of other religions and Montenegro, from the pulpit and altar. It turned the monasteries into barracks, and with the money from the sale of the church land, finances the policy that invokes evil and threatens civil peace. That is why I appeal to all citizens of Montenegro, at home and abroad, regardless of religion or nation, before it is too late, to stand up in defence of the fundamental values of civilization and civil peace, which are threatened by the joint action of the Montenegrin Government and the Serbian Church. That church property must be returned to state ownership again, and the Montenegrin Church must be restored to the status of a domicile church with all the consequences that come from that. That’s why I invite you to sign the petition in written or electronic form here.

The signing of the petition started in Cetinje, continued in Podgorica, and will be organized in all Montenegrin cities.

D 27 septembre 2022    ANikola B. Šaranović

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