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  • December 2020: Debate About Prioritising Specific Religious Refugees

A coalition government proposed a budgetary agreement with the right-wing People’s Party that would prioritise the reception of persecuted Christians, Ahmadis and Yezidis in the negotiation of quotas of refugees from UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The proposal was met with widespread condemnation and critique from civil society.

  • December 2020: Proposal to Protect Sacred Mountains

Per Espen Stoknes, a parliamentarian from the Green Party, proposed initiating a process to examine experiences with protecting sacred natural sites in other countries, and to initiate protections of mountains held to be sacred among the Sámi, the indigenous people in the Northern parts of Norway. The proposal fell in parliament.

  • March 2020: Passport requirements

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security organised a public hearing for a proposal for new regulations on passport photos, requiring that ears would have to be clearly visible. The proposal was met with widespread criticism, both from human rights institutions and from a variety of religious communities, pointing out the undue and disproportionate burden put upon people who wear headgear covering the ears for religious reasons. Following the hearing, the proposal was dropped.

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