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  • May 2022 : Exclusion of Jehovah’s Witness upheld by Supreme Court

A member of Jehovah’s Witnesses had been excluded from the faith community after having been found guilty of “porneia” (“sexual immorality”) by an internal tribunal. She appealed the decision to the court system, and after having lost in the court of first instance appealed the decision to the High Court, which overturned the decision, concluding that the findings of the tribunal violated fundamental standards of the rule of law. The Supreme Court unanimously overturned the decision, partly because the autonomy of religious communities restricted the competence of the court, but mainly because the decision of the tribunal appeared to follow the guidelines issued by the international organisation of the Witnesses.

D 7 juin 2022    AHelge Årsheim

CNRS Unistra Dres Gsrl

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