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2001 Census

While in the 1992 population census no information was obtained about religious affiliation, the 2001 census did include a question about the individuals´ religious affiliation. The results are listed in the table below.

With regard to the population residing in the Republic of Cyprus, the overwhelming majority are Orthodox Christians of the Eastern or Greek-Orthodox rite. They are members of the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Cyprus, which dates back to early Christianity.

Republic of Cyprus – 2001 Census
Population by religion

Orthodox 553,635 93.93
Armenian 1,741 0.29
Maronite 3,930 0.7
Roman Catholics 10,240 1.73
Muslims 4,182 0.7
Anglicans 6,839 1.15
Atheists 1,500 0.25
Other 6,505 1.15
No response 993 0.1
TOTAL 589,365 100.00

Note: The above were calculated on the basis of the raw results from the 2001 census. The raw results were adjusted but no information was provided on the adjusted figures with respect to the population by religion.
Source: Republic of Cyprus, 2001 Population Census, Vol. 1 General Demographic Characteristics (Nicosia, Cyprus: Printing Office of the Republic of Cyprus, 2003).

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