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Poland: an increasing number of people in favour of legal abortion and separation of state and church

The opinions of Poles on socio-political issues are becoming increasingly liberal, according to the latest report published by CBOS (Public Opinion Research Centre) 91/2021 Electorates of Political Parties on Important Socio-Political Issues. The biggest changes concern the relationship between the state and the Catholic Church, the possibility of legal abortion, and same-sex marriages.

Over the past two years, the biggest changes have occurred in opinions on worldview issues: the role of the Church in public life, the legal regulation of abortion and the rights of gays and lesbians. The percentage of respondents supporting the view that the concordate between Poland and the Holy See is unnecessary, and that the state should not favour any religion or church, increased from 40% to 49%. At the same time, the percentage of people who believe that the state should cooperate with the Catholic Church has decreased from 40% to 34%. Support for legal abortion is now higher than in previous surveys conducted since 1999 (41%, an increase of 12 points since 2019). Today, 29% of respondents are in favour of a legal ban on abortion (10 points less than two years ago). More than a third of respondents now support the legal permission of same-sex partnerships (36%, an increase of 6 points since 2019 and 10 points since 2015). Half of those surveyed are against it (50%, a decrease of 5 points since 2019 and of 9 points since 2015).

The commentary to the results states that the opinions of Poles on the appropriate form of the socio-economic order and the role of the state are relatively stable, although changes indicating a more frequent liberal approach than before are visible in some issues.

D 30 September 2021    AMichał Zawiślak

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