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Finnish neo-spirituality has often followed and been influenced by international trends. Neo-spiritual trends became visible in 1970s Finland and gained more popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. People interested in parapsychology, theosophy, and various alternative philosophies of life established an association that aimed at advancing the flow of information and activities between different neo-spiritual associations and influencers. Since 1983 the association,’The Fringe Knowledge Cooperation Association’ (in Finnish : Rajatieto yhteistyö), has organised the biggest neo-spiritual event in Finland ‘The Fair for Spirit and Knowledge’ (in Finnish : Hengen ja Tiedon Messut). The yearly event gathers approximately 3 000-5 000 visitors, offering numerous lectures on various subjects and having around two hundred exhibitors presenting products, services, and information on neo-spiritual themes and organisations.

One of the most popular neo-spiritual magazines, Ultra, covers the areas of ufology, parapsychology, alternative therapies, astrology, meditation techniques, and ecological lifestyle. Yearly there are also Ultra-days organized with lectures and other activities. The first event was in 1976. There are also other magazines that touch some neo-spiritual themes but focuses more on different aspects of well-being. Furthermore, there is a publishing company and event producer, Viisas elämä (“Wise Life”). For over two decades, it has published literature with neo-spiritual themes on, for example, meditation, different religious philosophies and general well-being. While yoga and meditation have become part of the everyday life for an increasing number of Finns, interest towards clairvoyance and “channelling” is significantly smaller. At the same time, so-called visualisation and positive thinking have found their way to the realm of business and sports.

As there are often influences of other religions in neo-spirituality, also the so-called angel belief is sometimes seen as being influenced by Christianity. It has landed to Finland especially through the Great Britain and United States, and the first widely known neo-spiritual agent of angel faith is British Diana Cooper. Cooper’s book on angels was translated into Finnish in 2002, and several other agents of angel faith have visited Finland.

D 24 juin 2021    AAnita Sipilä

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