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Eglises anglicanes

The Anglican Church in Finland is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and part of the Diocese in Europe. The Church of England is the originator and mother church of the communion. The Anglican Church in Finland started its work in the 1920s having its roots in the Russian Revolution where the church of Peter escaped to West. Some of those escaping settled in Helsinki, where the Anglican church was established and where St Nicholas’s Anglican church is still located. From the very start the church was multilingual and -cultural. There are around 195 members (2019) in the Anglican church, but more people are participating in the worship and life of the church. The church gathers in different cities in association with the Evangelical Lutheran church of Finland.

The Lutheran Church and Anglicans established a communion with the Porvoo Common Statement agreed to on 13 October 1992 in Järvenpää, Finland. The Porvoo Communion is an association of fifteen predominantly Evangelical Lutheran and Anglican churches. They have signed an agreement to “share a common life in mission and service”. The churches celebrated their first Eucharist together at Porvoo Cathedral in the city of Porvoo. The common statement was made because the churches found themselves with essential similarities in their histories, faith, sacramental life and ministry, while also facing similar challenges in the contemporary society. The Porvoo Declaration allows for mutual Eucharistic hospitality, occasional joint celebrations of the Eucharist, and a limited degree of sharing ordained ministry.

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