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The Gurdwara community in Finland was established and registered as a religious community in 1998. Since 2006 the community has had Gurdwara in Helsinki with 50-100 Sikhs regularly attending (2008). However, it has been estimated that that at least 700 Sikhs live in Finland, most of them having moved from India and being now located in Helsinki and Vantaa. In 2020 there were two Sikh communities with 54 members.

Some other religious movements influenced by Sikhism have, however, operated in Finland. At the turn of 1972 and 1973, Divine Light Mission (DLM) movement held some public events in Finland and operated later especially in Turku, Finland. DLM, later renamed as Elan Vital, is part of Sant Mat tradition that was born in India. There has also been a Sant Mat meditation group in Helsinki.

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Hirvi, Laura (2010) The Sikh gurdwara in Finland : negotiating, maintaining and transmitting immigrants’ identities. South Asian Diaspora, 2:2, 219-232.

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