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Principales religions

The last field census of population which gathered information on ethnic and religious affiliation was performed in 2002 ; these results are presented according to reports of the Slovene Statistical Office (SORS) in Table 1 below. After 2002, Slovenia has switched to register-based censuses, and there is no official data on ethnic and religious affiliation available since then. The Slovene Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre (SPO) has been performing empirical researches of Slovene society since 1968. Current survey of this institution, conducted on a representative sample of population (N=2000) for 2019, includes indicator of religion ; the result is presented in Table 2 below.

Table 1 : Population by religion - Census 2002

Catholic 57,8
Evangelical (Lutheran) 0,8
Other Protestant 0,1
Orthodox 2,3
Other Christian 0,1
Islam 2,4
Jewish 0,0
Oriental 0,1
Other religion 0,0
Agnostic 0,0
Believer but belongs to no religion 3,5
Unbeliever, atheist 10,1
Did not want to reply 15,7
Unknown 7,1

Source : Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Census of population, households and housing 2002

Table 2 : Population by belonging to religion (confession) – SPO 2019 (N=2000)

Belonging to religion (confession)Percent
Catholic 58,9
Islamic 3,4
Orthodox 2,6
Protestant (Lutheran) 1,2
Other Christian 0,2
Buddhist 0,2
Other Asian religion 0,1
Other religion 0,3
Don’t know, no answer 0,8
Don’t belong to any religion (confession) 32,3

Source : Slovensko javno mnenje [Slovene Public Opinion, SPO] 2019/1, Ljubljana, junij 2019.

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