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Sondage d’opinion sur la confiance dans les institutions religieuses

  • April 2022

A recent opinion poll places the Serbian Orthodox Church at the top, the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the middle, and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church at the lowest level of a confidence scale.

The Serbian Orthodox Church is still at the highest level of trust of Montenegrin citizens with 40.7%, while the Montenegrin Orthodox Church only gathers 15.7% of respondents. This was shown by the latest research of the NGO Center for Monitoring - CEMI and the Montenegrin News Agency MINA, conducted from March 5 to 22, on a sample of 961 respondents.
Only the health system enjoys a greater trust than the Serbian Orthodox Church (44.6%). Below the Montenegrin Orthodox Church is the Government of Montenegro with 13.7% and political parties with 10.4%.
Between the two religious communities one finds the education system 38.3%, the Army of Montenegro 38.1%, the World Health Organisation 35.3%, the United Nations 34.6%, the EU delegation 33.7%, the social protection system 33.4%, the police 29.5% , non-governmental organisations 28.6%, NATO 27.9%, the President of Montenegro 23.3%, the Parliament of Montenegro 17.2%, the prosecutor’s Office 16.7%, the judiciary 16.2%.
The Ecumenical Patriarchate also appears at the middle of the scale, with 29% of confidence.
The results of the survey also provide data on distrust, according to which religious communities the majority of respondents do not trust the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (47.4%), the Ecumenical Patriarchate (26.4%), or the Serbian Orthodox Church (26.4%).
On the scale of average grades, the first place is occupied by the Serbian Orthodox Church with 3.29, the Ecumenical Patriarchate holds the middle with 2.96, while the last place is occupied by the Montenegrin Orthodox Church with a score of 2.21.

D 28 avril 2022    ANikola B. Šaranović

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