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  • September 2020 : Assisted dying legislation introduced in national parliament

A bill to legalise assisted death (“Dying with Dignity Bill 2020”) was introduced in the national parliament in September 2020 by left-leaning politicians. This would allow for the ending of a person’s life by medical intervention in the case of terminal illness certified by medical authorities. This proposal has prompted reaction from Catholic and Presbyterian leaders, who oppose the legislation. For example, Bishop Crean of Cloyne spoke out against the proposal. The Catholic hierarchy also issued a statement on end-of-life living, but without explicitly mentioning the bill before parliament. Public opinion, as evidenced by opinion polls, seems to support the proposals.

For more detail, see : oireachtas,, Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference and Homily of Bishop William Crean for ‘Day for Life’, Presbyterian Ireland Church.

D 12 octobre 2020    ABrian Conway

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