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Projets de recherche

 Addressing Islamophobia in Newfoundland and Labrador (2017-2019) aimed at increasing local knowledge about countering Islamophobia and xenophobic discrimination, and fostering the development of anti-Islamophobia strategies in communities.

 After Church Atlas (2019-present) is an online portal that documents church closures and transformations in Canada and beyond.

 Canadian Muslims Online (2013-2018) studied how English and French Muslims used the Internet and the role that digital technology played in their lives.

 Flourishing Congregations Institute (present) is conducting in-depth case studies with several Catholic, mainline and conservative Protestant congregations across Canada.

 Muslims in Canada Archives (2019-2022) is a community archive that presents the rich histories and diverse experiences of Muslims in Canada.

 Nonreligion in a Complex Future (2019-2026) aims at identifying the social impact of the rapid rise of nonreligion in Canada (the focal point of international research sites), Australia, the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Argentina.

 PLURI (2003-present) is an online database of hundreds of documents on the management of cultural and religious diversity.

 Religion and Diversity Project (2010-2017) identified the contours of religious diversity in Canada and the potential benefits of approaches to diversity that promote deep equality.

 Religion, Spirituality, and Secularity in the Pacific Northwest (2018-2022) seeks to understand the complex social implications of secularization in the Pacific Northwest, including how individuals and communities in the region are re-imagining religion, spirituality and society.

 The Faith in Rights : Christian-Inspired NGOs at Work in the United Nations (2016-2021) seeks to document the work of faith-based activists at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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