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Statistiques et principaux sondages 2020

- The French and parasciences
IFOP for Women Today, December 2020

- Survey on the health of working priests
Conference of the Bishops of France, December 2020

- How the French are going to spend Christmas this year
IFOP for Odero, November 2020

- The French and immigration
IFOP for Le Figaro, November 2020

- The French, reconfinement and the anniversary of the attacks of 13 November 2015
IFOP for Fiducial, Cnews, Sud Radio, November 2020

- The relation to secularism at a time of struggle against Islamism and the bill against separatism
IFOP for Comité Laïcité République, November 2020

- The French and suicide
IFOP for Fondation Jean Jaurès, November 2020

- The French view of the terrorist threat and Islamism 2
IFOP for Fiducial, Cnews, Sud Radio, October 2020

- Muslims and consumption of halal food
IFOP for Express, October 2020

- The French view of the terrorist threat and Islamism
IFOP for Fiducial, Cnews, Sud Radio, October 2020

- Bill strengthening laïcité (secularism) and republican principles
Odoxa for Le Figaro, October 2020

- The French and voluntary termination of pregnancy
IFOP for Alliance Vita, October 2020

- What is proper attire for a young girl at school ?
IFOP for Marianne, September 2020

- French fractures
Ipsos/Sopra Steria for Le Monde, Fondation Jean Jaurès and Institut Montaigne, September 2020

- The French, rising insecurity and the "ensauvagement" of society
IFOP and Avostart, September 2020

- Right to blasphemy, caricatures, freedom of expression... Are the French still Charlie ?
IFOP for Charlie Hebdo, September 2020

- The French and the animal condition
IFOP for Brigitte Bardot Foundation, August 2020

- The French and Christian culture
IFOP for Le Monde, August 2020

- The "No Bra" tendency, deep effect or fashion ?
IFOP for Xcams, July 2020

- The practice of Catholic religious celeration during the confinement of spring 2020
La Maison-Dieu, July 2020

- Discriminations in Seine-Saint-Denis Barometer
Sondage Harris Interactive done in June-July 2019 for the Conseil départemental de Seine-Saint-Denis, June 2020

- Do the french support the "referendum for the animals"
IFOP for Caniprof, June 2020

- Fraternity barometer
IFOP and Labo de la fraternité, May 2020

- A year after the fire at Notre-Dame, what do the French think ?
IFOP, Fondation Jean-Jaurès and Conspiracy Watch, April 2020

- The French, the Mila affair, and the right to blasphemy
IFOP for Charlie Hebdo, February 2020

- State of play of "laïcité" in France
Viavoice for Observatoire de la laïcité, February 2020

- The French and the « Charlie spirit », 5 years after the attack of the Charlie-hebdo premises
Ifop for Printemps républicain, January 2020

- Islam and the French Society
IPSOS for Nilaya Productions, January 2020

- Radiographie de l’antisémitisme en France (Radiography of Antisemitism in France)
Fondapol, January 2020

- Secularism and religion at schools and in society
CNESCO, January 2020

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