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Enquêtes sur la religiosité en Slovaquie

In the case of opinion polls, only the subjective religious affiliation is measured. The first known survey in Slovakia with this question was carried out in 1948, but there are no known results. The first survey with accessible data is from 1968. Since then, various surveys have used a standardized question in questionnaires (however, between 1970 and 1989, these data were not published or, if published, were available only to a close group of politicians and academics). Nevertheless, the wording of the questions varies across questionnaires, which leads to differences in results.
Results from the survey-type researchers have shown that throughout the whole measured period, the level of those who affiliate to religion in the last decade varies in the same year from less than 72% to almost 87,7% : the span is 15%. The dispersion is higher than in polls, in which the span is of 11%, with 73% to 84% of people affiliated to a religion in the same period.

D 31 janvier 2020    AMiroslav Tížik

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