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- Angus Reid Institute, Holy Week at Home : Canadians of Faith turn to prayer and tech as Covid-19 disrupts Easter and other celebrations, April 2020.
Survey of 1,525 on how Canadians have turned to and been supported by faith institutions during the period of lockdown.

- Angus Reid Institute, Canadian voters’ sensitivity to party stances on social values shows CPC [Conservative Party of Canada] has room to move to the centre, February 2020.
Survey of 2,308 on social values which dovetail with religion, notably LGBT+ acceptance, medical aid in dying, abortion, religious symbols in public etc.

- Angus Reid Institute, In Canada, Christmas traditions change as fewer people see religion as the reason for the season, December 2019.
Survey of 1,655 about the holiday season, including asking if it is a religious season or not.

- The Association for Canadian Studies and the Quebec Community Groups Network, Restrictions on Religious Signs in Quebec on the Basis of Linguistic Identification, May 2019.
Survey of 1212 Quebecers focused on determining support for Bill 21 – the ban of public figures wearing religious symbols.

- Leger and Le Journal de Montréal, Debate on secularism, September 2019.
Survey of 1,441 Canadians about bill 21.

- Pew Research Center, Young adults around the world are less religious by several measures (includes results on Canada), June 2018.

- Beyer Peter, Cummins Alyshea, Craig Scott, Singamsetty Manvitha, Cultural and religious identity among 18 to 45 year-olds in Canada : A Survey. Summary and selected findings, Ottawa : Religion and Diversity Project, 2017.

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