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  • An information tool on religions in Europe

EARS, the European Academy on Religion and Society (a European network of Departments and/or Faculties of Theology and/or Religious Studies) with the goal to make academic knowledge in the domain of religion available to the society at large, offers a new tool to remain informed of what is published concerning religions in Europe : a dashboard of publications concerning the effect of religion on daily life. The dashboard can be searched by selecting topic, timeframe, and country.

  • June 2020 : Covid-19 pandemic and religious freedom

 A research on sociology of religion in the context of the coronavirus pandemic offers an overview of restrictions imposed on collective religious worship in the 27 EU member states and the UK (May 2020).

 A report provides a state of the art on the impact of the pandemic : Jean-Philippe SCHREIBER, La religion à l’épreuve de la pandémie, ORELA, ULB, juin 2020 (55 p. in French - June 2020).

 EARS offers a white paper on Digital Religion : An exploration of views and developments around COVID-19 (June 2020).

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