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Statistiques et principaux sondages 2018

- The French and hate discourses on the Internet
Opinionway for ASIC, November 2018

- The French and death
IFOP for Le Pèlerin, October 2018

- The new funerary practices of the French
BVA for Fondation PFG, October 2018

- The French and funerals
IPSOS for SFVP, September 2018

- Teachers and secularism
IFOP for the Comité national d’action laïque, June 2018

- Perceptions and attitudes of Catholics of France towards migrants
IFOP for Secours catholique, Conférence des evêques de France, et al, June 2018

- The French and the 70 years of Israel
IFOP for UEJF, May 2018

- The evolution of the relation to the other in French society
Ipsos for Fondation du judaïsme français, May 2018

- The French and wearing the headscarf
"Balises d’opinion" Ifop 29, May 2018

- Barometer of fraternity
Opinionway for Le Labo de la fraternité, May 2018

- The French and "laïcité"
Ifop for Le Printemps républicain, May 2018

- Transmitt
BVA for L’appel and La Croix, April 2018

- The French and prisons
Ifop for Fondation Jean Jaurès, April 2018

- In what do youth believe ?
OpinionWay for La Croix, March 2018

- The support of the French to the draft law of Marlène Schiappa against sexist and sexual violence
IFOP for, March 2018

- The French and pope Francis, for the 5 years of his pontificate
BVA for Le Figaro, March 2018

- The teachers and "laïcité"
IFOP for Comité national d’action laïque, March 2018

- The French and the « Charlie spirit » three years after the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo
IFOP for "Toujours Charlie", January 2018

- Survey on conspiracy theory
IFOP for Fondation Jean Jaurès and Conspiracy Watch, January 2018

- The French and questions related to bioethics
IFOP for La Croix, January 2018

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