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Médias et religion

The growing importance of media has been apparent all over the world at least during the last few decades. This has been the situation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland as well. The Church has embraced change and in 2011 nearly each parish had their own internet site. The Church has made spiritual online work one of the five strategic spearhead projects in 2009-2012 and has launched a chat forum where public can ask questions from an employee of the Church.

More traditional media work is being carried out in television and radio. The Finnish broadcasting company sends televised worship services 35 times a year with an average of 200.000 viewers and about the same amount of people listen to radio broadcasts of worship services. Other denominations get heard also ; the Orthodox liturgy is broadcast alternately with free denominations and Catholic Church every Sunday. In addition to worship services the national radio broadcasts also morning and evening devotions.

In spite of growing importance of social media there are still over one hundred printed Christian newspapers published in Finland even though some of them are thinking of changing their format to on-line magazines.

Evangelical Lutheran Church has been in the spotlight of publicity a lot during last decade. First because of the discussion about same-sex marriages (see Legal status of religions -> Provisions -> "Marriage”) and after that because of the influx of refugees (see “Current debates”).

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