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2016 : 100 years of recognition of Islam as an official religion in Croatia

Under the auspices of the Croatian Parliament, the 100 years of the recognition of Islam as an official religion in Croatia have been celebrated in Croatia. The Law on the recognition of Islam came into force on 27 April 1916, after being drafted by the Parliament of Croatia. The law followed similar laws passed in Austria in 1912, and in Hungary in 1916, as Croatia has been a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire until the end of the World War I.

Although being a minority (according to the 2011 census, there were 1.43% of Muslims in Croatia), the Islamic community is an equal and fully recognised religious community. Its legal position is today regulated by the Law on Legal Position of Religious Communities and by the Agreement signed between the Islamic Community and the Government of the Republic of Croatia in 2002. By this agreement, the Islamic Community enjoys a range of rights, such as the right to organize confessional education in public schools, the right to establish their own schools, educational, cultural, and social institutions which are recognized and co-funded by the state, the official recognition of the religious marriage, chaplaincy in military and police forces, the right to attend school or not during religious holidays, etc. (see Law and religion).

It should be noted also that Muslims, mainly originating from the neighbouring countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, have the same language and culture as any other citizen. Thus, Islam does not provoke public controversies, as is the case in some other EU countries.

D 15 décembre 2016    ASiniša Zrinščak

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