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  • Debate after sexual abuses in a Catholic faith-based school

Recent complaints to the police on sexual abuses committed by teachers in a Catholic faith-based school in Barcelona have sparked debates about the implication and lack of reaction of the Catholic Church in such matters. The situation, that has taken place in the school some years ago, has also generated speculation : are such cases isolated, or are they just the tip of the iceberg ?

  • The “no-news” period

Spain has undergone a period of governmental exceptionality over the last months. The lack of government for almost one year (from December 2015 until October 2016) has meant the paralysis of any political and legal discussion about religious issues in the country. With the new minority government, the conditions change from past situations in which the government enjoyed absolute majority. The need to negotiate with different political parties will most probably have implications in the political life of the country in general, and can also have concrete consequences in terms of the policies and politics of religion.

D 7 avril 2016    AJulia Martínez-Ariño

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